Social Hiring And Mistakes By Recruitment Businesses On Social Media

The prospective recruiters are scanning the social media sites for shortlisting candidates and also for the screening purpose. Everyone agrees that the professional social media sites are exceptional ground to find matching candidates. The problem is none has the right key to unlock the full potential. If you want to use the social media recruitment platforms actively then you have to ensure who are your target audience and how to approach them. If your company is in the social media then first establish your brand.

Deciding the Strategy

You at the very first fix-up your strategy to use the social media. If you look at the worldwide use of the different social media sites, you will find the popularity in the order of the users goes like this Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and then there are a few more. But, this is the global picture the regional picture can be entirely different. Therefore, you must develop a strategy to fix your choice platform first. Blindly going on a guesstimate without knowing the relevant data is hara-kiri. So, set a dynamic strategy to focus on the right area according to your geological location.

Too Much Dependence

There is a fixed notion that a particular professional site is ideal and depending on that site blindly. There is no harm if you want to update your profile on that site to the premium category but review your result on a regular basis. Excessive dependence on a particular site is not very good because there will be better candidates elsewhere also. It can lower the prospect of getting the best in the trade.

Non-targeted Campaign

If you decide to use the social media platform to boost your recruitment, then you must focus on your target audience. If your requirement is for technical personnel, then your focus should be on technical personnel only. It means your content and discussion board should have content that can attract the attention of the professionals. The absence of targeted content is another pitfall.

Part-time Engagement

If you are serious about your social media recruitment services, then you must do it full time. You need to participate in the relevant discussion board actively and re-Tweet in real time as far as possible. Visiting your social media site once in a blue moon will make the participant disinterested.

The Summary Judgment

You should stop assessing a candidate summarily. An inflammatory statement or comment is enough to disqualify an otherwise suitable candidate. But, it can be a comment on the spur of a moment. It can be a reaction to a heinous offence perpetrated against his mentor or his professor or colleague! Therefore, don’t judge summarily and value human sentiments.

Sticking to Big Brothers

There is a tendency to keep to the big brothers of social media only. You will, of course, focus on big players but don’t ignore the small ones. There are small regional sites, and those are popular in the particular region. Don’t ignore them, besides, there are specific forums for a particular skill and people with that acumen discuss their professional puzzles to seek help. It is a goldmine for the recruiters.

The Passive Candidates

In the job market there will be two types of people, one of them are job seekers while the others are not. The second lot is the passive part but can always be a potential candidate. The first lot will search you out. But you have to search the best from the second lot. Therefore, invite people on discussion and engage them in discussion about your industry and the products and make them interested in your company

Summing it Up

In the final sum-up, avoid the potential pitfalls; and remember, engaging the social media is not a casual thing. You can’t do it overnight, and moreover, you cannot do it casually. It is a dynamic platform.