Visual Art Scholarship Program

Visual Art Scholarship Program

Visual art is something which attracts with its colors, shapes, designs, etc. Few examples of visual art can be a painting or a logo design. With the technological changes prevailing, visual art is also evolving. Now, visual artists need to have enough knowledge and skills to impress today’s audience which seeks something new every day.

To become a good visual artist one needs to acquire training and education, which can be learning skills like graphic designing, filmmaking, photography, sound editing, and everything related to create something artistic helping in advertising a brand, company, product or service.

If you are interested in grooming your career towards the artistic field, training in visual art can be the first thing you might think about. To aid visual art students financially, we have come up with a visual art scholarship program.

The creative field of visual arts always attracts thousands of students worldwide to hold a flourishing career. For students who possess a creative bent of mind and want to become a successful visual art professional, it would be great to know about the Visual Art Scholarship Program announced by a global staffing agency, Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Being a reliable staff agency we have always aimed to work towards the betterment of the students and companies. Hence, we offer in-depth and exceptional search consultancy solutions to make sure the best talent meets the leading company. Our team of recruitment consultant offers guidance to the students to let them land their dream job, while our scholarship will offer cash support to those who are not able to complete their education because of limited monetary resources.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is a global recruitment agency helping companies to find the right talent and candidates in acquiring their dream job. We work as a bridge between the companies and candidates. Having experience in recruiting visual artists all over the world, we have an in-depth understanding of the skills and talent companies require.

We have always encouraged students to acquire the right training, so that the companies can get the talent they actually require. To motivate students further, we are offering a reward of USD5000 to the students winning this scholarship program.

How to Apply for Visual Art Scholarship Program?

To apply for this program, you need to pick two areas from below mentioned areas and provide 1 Infographic for both of them.


  • Steps to Hire A Logo Designer
  • Process To Hire Graphic Designer
  • 10 Qualities To Look When You Hire Ecommerce Designer
  • Hire UI Designer – Steps To Follow While Hiring
  • Process To Hire A Web Designer
  • How To Brochure Design For Recruitment Company

The design work you send should be in one of the following file formats –

  • A.Vector (ai, PDF and EPS)
  • JPEG
  • PNG

Just make sure that your designs are unique and have no copyright or plagiarism issues. Otherwise, your application may get rejected straightaway.

The designs you send would be viewed by our panel of experts and depending on the creativity in the designs, the visual artist would be selected for the scholarship.

Besides, the designs, we will require your below mentioned details in your application.

  • First and Last Name
  • Link to your Graphic Design Portfolio
  • Email Address
  • Contact information
  • Current resume
  • Your story
  • Two reference letters by your colleagues, coaches, or professors providing information about applicant’s achievements, ethics & values, character, and need for the scholarship

Also, answer to below-mentioned questions in your application –

  • The reason why you think you should win
  • What is your dream career?

You can send all these details on before 15th May of every year. The results would be announced on our official website by 31st May of every year.

Important Notes

Please don’t submit your application to any other email id or call on phone numbers mentioned on our website for your queries relating to this scholarship. Please communicate through the email id The application can have a negative impact if you try to communicate through any other email ids or phone numbers.

The last date for applying would be 15th May of every year. Late applications would not be entertained.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Completed high school or secondary education
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course from an accredited college/university
  • Completed minimum one term of college or university courses after high school or secondary education
  • Achieved CGPA of at least 3.9 scale
  • Should be permanent resident or citizen of Australia, USA or Canada
  • Should be 18 years of age while applying
  • Should not be a college dropout
  • Should be a regular student
  • There should be no gap between bachelors and masters degree

Selection Criteria

The selection of the students would be based on the eligibility criteria, sample jobs, and need of the scholarship. A panel of judges would be shortlisting the applications and would be choosing candidates deserving the scholarship.

Terms & Conditions

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency holds the right to verify the details of the candidate including their name, Student ID number, the name of the college/university and the course they are pursuing
  • The samples submitted if found to be plagiarized, the application would be rejected straightaway
  • Scholarship amount of USD5000 is every year reward
  • We hold the right to publish the winners’ photograph and name on our official website
  • We hold the right to change the rules and regulations any time except the reward money
  • Only Australia, USA and Canada citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply
  • We don’t sell or share applicants’ details or sample work with any third party person or company

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