Excellence In Accounting Scholarship Program For Undergraduate

Excellence In Accounting Scholarship Program For Undergraduate

About Scholarship

Accounting is the process of interpreting records and financial information and turning it into an accessible format for others to read and understand.

It involves many practical skills and can be applied into many areas of our life, such as managing our personal budget. Studying accounting can help us develop our attention-to-detail, reasoning and critical thinking skills.

A Degree in Accounting can skyrocket one’s career. Although paying for higher education can be expensive, what you get in return of earning an accounting degree is well worth it. All students who love accounting as a subject and want to make a full time career out if, cannot always afford the staggering college fees. To give such students a push and turn their dream of becoming a successful accountant, into reality, we at Alliance Recruitment Agency have started giving away Accounting Scholarships. Every little bit help. And so the financial assistance you will receive from an accountancy recruitment agency like us, is sure to take the load off your mind while pursuing your goal.

Are you a student looking for professional recruitment solutions in accountancy? If yes, you must immediately apply to the Excellence Accounting Scholarship Program announced by the famous accountancy recruitment agency, Alliance Recruitment Agency. Serving the interest of top executive agencies, we have announced this scholarship program to lend cash support to the needy students.

We have helped thousands of companies to hire an accountant and students to build a flourishing career in this field. We are a team of professional and experienced management recruiters who possess the expertise needed to let relevant students land their dream job. Applying to our scholarship will help us know you better and at the same time, we will be able to serve you optimally. This is a reliable and rewarding chance that you must not miss.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Have declared a major in accounting as described below and, if applicable, been accepted to that major.
  • Be residents of Australia/ U.S/ Canada citizens or permanent residents. An applicant who is not a Australia/ U.S/Canada. citizen is NOT eligible for a scholarship.
  • Should be an undergraduate student.
  • Have completed a minimum of 72 credit hours by April 1, 2021 and 84 credits by the start of the fall 2021 semester (registered credits included). A student whose program has followed an irregular pattern must be at an equivalent stage. In addition, such a student must have successfully completed at least one semester of the college’s intermediate accounting course(s).
  • Have achieved an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Process For Scholarship

  • Write and submit a proposal on the the topic “The capabilities of accounting and marketing in small business” on [email protected].
  • The application consists of the following sections: Personal Information & Questionnaire, Academic Information, Attach Documents, Letter of Recommendation (also includes Financial Aid information request), and Proposal.
  • Each section must be completed in full by the student to be eligible for scholarship consideration.

Important Note:

This is to inform all Scholarship Programme’s Participant that please do not message or call on Whatsapp number mentioned on our website. Because we have a separate team for the Scholarship programme who takes care of your queries. For any queries related to scholarship drop a note at [email protected]

Please Note: Contacting on call or other emails apart from [email protected] can leave negative impact on your application.

Other Important Details About The Scholarship Program

  • Every applicant will allow Alliance Recruitment Agency to verify specific details like name, student ID number, institution, course of study etc.
  • The winners of the scholarship will be chosen by a panel of experts from Alliance Recruitment Agency.
  • Scholarship amount of $5000 will be awarded every year.
  • Winners have to give consent with regards to publishing their photo and award details on the Alliance Recruitment Agency website.
  • Alliance will automatically disqualify applicants who are found to furnish information that is false, plagiarized or has copyright issues.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency reserves the right to change the rules and regulations anytime during the course of the scholarship program,with the exception of the scholarship amount or prior to the actual awarding to a winner.

Please note that our scholarship deadline ends on 15th May of every year. We will display the names of the winners on 31st May of every year on our company’s website. If you have friends who are graphic designers and looking for a graphic design scholarship, please send them our way!

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