Real Estate Scholarship Program

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Real Estate Scholarship Program

Real estate is all about renting, buying & selling, managing property and dealing with all its legal aspects. It requires a sharp mind and excellent communication skills to pursue a career in real estate.

If you are planning to move your career path towards real estate, Alliance Recruitment Agency has come up with a wonderful scholarship program which can help you financially and complete your course in real estate seamlessly.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is a real estate recruitment agency helping the companies in finding the right talent and candidates in finding the right company. If the real talent gets proper education, the companies can acquire the human resources which can work towards growth. Keeping that in mind, we are offering this real estate scholarship program to the talented students who are facing financial difficulties while pursuing their course in real estate.

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing in every industry, including the real estate field. It is one of the flourishing career options in the future, and hence, a large number of students wish to become a virtual assistant for real estate. Being one of the finest search recruitment firms, we are always helping students to make a mark in their preferred field and therefore announce our Real Estate Scholarship Program to students worldwide.

We are one of the renowned staffing agencies for housekeeping and real estate. To ensure the interests of both companies and organizations are served in the best manner, we announce this scholarship. Our program rewards winners with cash and also encourages them to attend workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts. The attached certificate of appreciation offered with our scholarship can help you become a successful virtual administrative assistant and a fruitful career that you can boast of.

Important Facts About Real Estate Scholarship Program

The students applying for this scholarship program need to apply with an essay of about 1500 – 2000 words on . You need to send an email on to know the topic of the essay. Based on the essay and eligibility criteria of the students, winners would be selected by our panel of judges. The winning students would get USD5000 as the scholarship amount which they can use for their tuition fees and living.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The students should be either citizens or permanent residents of the Australia, USA or Canada
  • The students should have enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time real estate undergraduate/postgraduate course with an accredited college/university in Australia, USA or Canada
  • The students must have scored cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • College dropouts are not eligible to apply

Application Process

To apply, the students need to email the below-mentioned details on

  • Name
  • College & Course of Study
  • Student ID Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Information
  • Latest Resume

Important Notes

Please do not contact on other email ids or phone numbers mentioned on our website as it can have a negative impact on your application.

Terms & Conditions

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency holds the right to verify the details submitted by the candidates like their name, Student ID number, college/university name, the course of study, etc.
  • The scholarship amount of USD5000 is every year reward
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency holds the right to publish the name and photograph of the winners on its website
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency can reject the application if the essay submitted is having copyright or plagiarism issues
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has the right to change the rules and regulations at any time during the scholarship except the reward amount
  • The last date for applying is 15th May of every year. The results would be announced on our website by 31st May of every year.

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