Medical Scholarship Program

Medical Scholarship Program

Medical and healthcare professionals play an important role in serving the society concerning saving lives and preventing people from life-threatening diseases. Many students are aspiring to take up medical and healthcare profession so that they can be of some help to the humanity but are unable to because of financial constraints.

Alliance Recruitment Agency introduces a scholarship program providing financial aid to medical students helping them to pursue their studies in this field seamlessly.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is a recruitment agency specializing in providing workforce to the medical and healthcare sectors. Having experience of supplying staff to hospitals, and healthcare centers, we very well know the practical skills, education & training required to work in this field. We help students in acquiring skills and education without financial constraints and make them ready to face the challenges in this sector.

Healthcare organizations are always looking out for talented and well-educated new entrants in their field. They are looking for personal trainers for hire as well as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare experts. This, therefore, attracts thousands of students to this industry. Being one of the top-notch healthcare staffing agencies, Alliance Recruitment Agency announces its Medical Scholarship Program, which is open to all aspiring professionals worldwide.

We are a prestigious nursing agency offering staffing solutions to students and companies. Our motto is to let the best talent meet the best entity, and we therefore continuously strive to work towards uplifting the career of students as well as the interest of companies. Our team of physician recruiter can help you find the perfect job of your dream but for this, you must win our scholarship program. So, apply to this program as you will not only gain cash reward but also a certificate of excellence and guidance from leading experts.

Medical Scholarship Program by Alliance International

The winners of this scholarship program get USD5000 which they can use for the expenses incurred while acquiring education and training in the medical field. Whether you are pursuing MBBS, MD, MS or any other undergraduate or postgraduate course, contributing to the medical and healthcare industry, you can apply for this scholarship.

Let’s know more about the eligibility criteria and application process for medical scholarship program –

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should –

  • Be 18 years or above.
  • Have enrolled or planning to enroll for a graduate or postgraduate course (MBBS, MD, MS, etc.) from an accredited college/institution/university.
  • Have completed high school / secondary school education.
  • Have completed at least one term of the medical course in college/university.
  • Be the citizen or permanent resident of Australia, USA or Canada.
  • Not be a college dropout.
  • Not have a time gap between graduation and post graduation course.

Application Process

To apply for a medical scholarship program, you need to submit a case study which you have experienced and includes innovative ideas helping to improve the health and well-being of the humans.

This case study can be in the form of pdf or video, which includes content in the form of text and images.

You are supposed to email this case study on [email protected] before 15th May of every year.

Please note that your application may have a negative impact if you try to communicate through other phone numbers or email ids mentioned our website.

Besides the above-mentioned case study, you also need to email us the below details –

  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Student ID Number
  • Name of the College/University
  • The Course of Education Enrolled or Planning to Enroll

After receiving the details and case study from your end, our panel of judges would select the winners who would be notified through our website on 31st May of every year. The decision of the judges would be final, and no explanation would be given regarding that matter.

Terms & Conditions

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency reserves the right to verify the details submitted by the applicants like student ID number, the course of education, the name of the college/university, etc.
  • The winners would be chosen by the panel of judges from Alliance Recruitment Agency. The decision by the judges would be final and cannot be challenged.
  • By applying to this scholarship program, the winners have given right to publish their name and photographs on the website
  • The scholarship amount $5000 is every year reward.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency can change the rules and regulations during the process of selection in the program except for the reward amount.

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