Alliance Accounting Scholarship Program For UK

About Accounting Scholarship:

When it is about hiring professionals for accounting firms, it is necessary to hire highly proficient professionals who understand their role very well and able to work efficiently and accurately, because in accounting field accuracy and perfection matter most. So, to make it possible, we at Alliance provide accounting recruitment services as per the client’s requirements. From many years, we are the leading accounting headhunters. This all possible due to our highle dedicated and skilled recruitment team.

As accounting is one of the fastest growing fields, most of the students want to make their career in the accounting profession, but some of them get failed to do so, due to the financial crisis. To help such students in achieving their dream, we at Alliance start an Accounting Scholarship Program For UK Student.

This scholarship program is specially designed for undergraduate students who are studying in the accounting or finance field and passionate about making a career in the accounting field. To take advantage of this scholarship program, you need to meet the eligibility criteria.

Here are the qualification criteria for all applicants who want to apply for this Accounting scholarship program:

Eligibility Criteria For The Program:

Any undergraduate student who is currently pursuing or an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance, can apply for the Accounting Scholarship Program For UK.

Alliance Accounting Scholarship Program For UK

Alliance Accounting Scholarship Program For UK

How To Apply For Scholarship Program

  • The students need to write down a thesis on the topic “The capabilities of accounting and marketing in small business” and submit it on
  • The applicant requires to enclose the information about given areas: Personal Information & Questionnaire, Academic excellence, Attach Documents, Letter of Recommendation that includes Financial Aid information request, and Proposal.
  • To get eligible for the scholarship program, the students need to complete all these sections and need to write down the essay in his/her own words.

Significant Note About the Scholarship Program:

Here we inform and request to all the participants that please do not message or call on Whatsapp number mentioned on our website. In case of having any query with reference to scholarship program, you can drop a mail to, Our separate team for the Scholarship program will take care of your questions and try to solve it quickly.

Please Note: If the applicants try to make contact via call or send irrelevant emails on another mail id, our select scholarship committee will take it as a negative side of your application.

Other Important Particulars About The Scholarship Program

  • The Alliance Recruitment Agency has a right to verify applicant’s necessary details like name, student ID number, institution, course of study, etc., so applicants should not have any issue regarding it.
  • We have a specially designed team of experts to manage the whole scholarship registration process as well as to choose the final recipient of the scholarship.
  • We offer an award of the amount of $1000 every year.
  • Please remember that our scholarship registration process is ongoing till the 15th May of every year. The names of the winners displayed on the website on 31st May of every year on our company’s website. If you have any reference your contact who belongs to the accounting and looking for financial help for further study, please inform them about our scholarship program!

Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • All applicants agree to accommodate Alliance Recruitment Agency to validate the necessary information of applicant like the name, student ID number, institution, course of study, etc.
  • Scholarship winners will be decided by a panel of experts from Alliance Students Scholarship Review Committee.
  • The scholarship will be awarded single time; however, previous applicants are eligible to re-apply.
  • Winners have to permit Alliance with regards to publishing their photo and award details on our website.
  • If the information provided by the applicant found to be false, plagiarised, or have a copyright issue, then the Alliance will reject the application of that particular applicant automatically.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has the authority to modify the rules and regulations anytime during the scholarship program, with the omission of the scholarship amount or in advance to the actual awarding to a winner.


a. How to apply for the scholarship program?

To apply for the scholarship program, you need to provide details on the given areas: personal information as well as reference letter as a proof of academic excellence, essay written on the specified topic, Academic excellence, Attach Documents and Letter of Recommendation with Financial Aid information request, and Proposal.

b. Who is eligible for the scholarship program?

The applicant should have finished at least one term of college or university courses following graduation from high school before applying and who are either citizens or legal residents of the UK, stand a chance to win the scholarship.

c. Registration Date and Result Date?

Registration is open now and will accept application till 15th May of every year. Results will be declared on 31st May of every year to individuals who have won the scholarship.