Alliance Engineering Scholarship Program For UK

As we know, most of the appliances that we used in our daily life are invented by the engineers; they work hard and try to come up with new technologies to make our life easier. So, as an engineering headhunters, we try to encourage new talents who have capabilities to become a successful engineer and for that we have started an engineering scholarship program for U.K.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance is working as a recruitment agency for many years, and try to relate companies with the right talent. We also focus on fulfilling the wish of candidates to have their dream job. As a well-known engineering recruitment agency, we have supported many engineers in getting a job in MNC to accomplish their career goals. But, to become an engineer, it is necessary to complete the study and pursue a degree in one of the specific study areas: B.E, B.Tech, M.E. M.Tech.

To get certified in a mentioned areas, the students requires money, and it happens many times that good talented students need to drop out of the study due to the insufficient finance. To help such students in completing their study, we have started an engineering scholarship program. If you found that you are one of those students and want to participate in the program then please read the below eligibility criteria:

Following are the requirements for all applicants who want to apply for this scholarship program:

Eligibility Criteria For The Program:

Alliance Engineering Scholarship is open for any person who is currently studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a recognised UK academic institution. Here are the list of eligibility criteria:

Alliance Engineering Scholarship Program For UK

Alliance Engineering Scholarship Program For UK

What Is The Process of Application?

To apply for the engineering scholarship program, the participants need to submit a project related with the course of their study. In case, if you are pursuing your graduation in Mechanical Engineering, you need to submit an innovative idea relating to frictionless working or any mechanism of a machine.

This project should contain a thesis, video, or a project report with a combination of text and images.

You need to mail this project on before 15th May of every year. The winners will be declared on May of every year and the name of scholarship recipients will be displayed on the Alliance’s website: Alliance Recruitment Agency

Note: We don’t entertain the participants through phone as well message send on numbers, displayed on our site. If you have any doubt, mail it on otherwise it may have a negative impact on your application.

In distinction to the project report mentioned above, the applicant have to email us the below-mentioned details –

  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Address
  • Name of the College/University
  • Name of the Course of Education Currently Enrolled or Planning to Enroll
  • Student ID Number

These are the things that we need from our side. Our main goal is to ensure that the students procure education in the field of their interest without any financial stress.

Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • All applicants will have to give permission to Alliance Recruitment Agency for verifying specific information such as name, student ID number, institution, course of study.
  • The Scholarship recipients will be chosen by our special panel of experts from Alliance Students Scholarship Review Committee.
  • Candidates who have received the scholarship before, are not permitted to apply for the scholarship program; In Spite of the previous applicants are eligible to re-apply.
  • Recipients should not have any issue regarding the disclosement of their photo and award details on the Alliance website.
  • Applicants will be automatically disqualified for providing details that is false, plagiarized or has copyright issues.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency obtain the right to change the rules and regulations of scholarship program as per requirements.But the dollar amount of the award and will remain the same.


a. How much amount the recipient will get by winning the scholarship program?

In this Engineering Scholarship program, the winners will get a monetary reward of $1000 to students/professionals who fulfill the eligibility criteria. The recipients can use it to pay the cost of living and tuition fees.

b. How I will Know that I get selected for the program or not?

If the candidate gets selected, we will send a mail to them before 31st May of Every Year. So, if you get selected, you will receive a mail from our side and if not then it means you are not selected for the scholarship.

c. What is the last date of registration and when the result will be declared?

The application process is open now and the last date will be the 15th May of every year. The Results will be declared on 31st May of every year on our website.