Alliance Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program For UK

Either it’s about website design, high-class animation, or a simple brochure design, graphic designing is a must for all. With graphics designing, it is possible to get a clear-cut output as per the desire. As Graphic designing is all about creativity and skills, it is necessary for designing companies to find experienced graphic designers for hire.

To fulfill the designing requirements and to get a significant output, the professional and dedicated graphic designer needed in every designing company. So, to build up highly efficient graphic designers for the future, we at Alliance start a Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program For UK. This scholarship program is for those newcomers who have a passion for becoming a designer but don’t have enough funds to get certified in the designing field.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

The alliance is well-known as a global recruitment agency, as it is providing recruitment services for both national and international companies. Our main goal is to provide the right candidate to the clients and an excellent career opportunity to the candidates.

If you also wish to make a career in designing field, then you came to the perfect place. Here you will get a scholarship to pursue a degree in Graphic Web Design. The process is now ongoing so that you can apply for the program, but before filling the forum, please consider the following eligibility criteria.

Following are the requirements for all applicants who want to apply for this scholarship program:

Classification Of Eligibility Criteria For The Program:

Alliance Graphic Web Design Scholarship is useful for all undergraduate students who are currently studying in a recognized UK academic institution to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the given study areas: Art, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, And Creative Advertising. To get selected, the applicants require to meet the qualification criteria to get selected for the scholarship program.

Alliance Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program For UK
Alliance Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program For UK

The Candidates Will Be Decided On The Following Criteria

The primary need for the graphic web designer would be the creative ability. You should have creative designing skills.

Along with that, you need to submit– Five different forms of logo design with three different Homepage design PSDs for our website,

Our talented team would reexamine the designs you have sent concerning the graphic designing standards and choose the most impressive and convincing design to finalize the winner of the scholarship program.

The Applicants Need To Send Logo and homepage designed in the given file formats –

  • A.Vector (ai, PDF and EPS)
  • A CMYK version
  • A Pantone color version
  • A black, single Colour version
  • A White version
  • B.Raster Files (in RGB)
  • Jpeg, PNG
  • C.Logo Variants (optional)
  • Lock-up variants
  • Smaller size variants

Important Information About Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program

  • Every year the amount awarded for the scholarship is USD1000, and it will remain the same until the other memorandum issued.
  • The scholarship is available for all students who have enrolled in the study or are currently attending the college.
  • The last date of application may be 15th May of every year, so try to submit your request before the last date. Our select scholarship review committee will not consider late applications.
  • We will send an email to the winners to notify about the winning of scholarship before 31st May of every year.

Carrying Out The Application Process

You need to submit your graphic design function as specified above in the section “The Candidates Will Be Decided On The Following Criteria” at before the last date of application which is 15th May of every year.

Along with the mentioned task, candidates also require to submit the following details–

  • First and Last Name Of The Applicant
  • Email id
  • Contact Information
  • Current Resume
  • Your Story
  • Link of your graphic design portfolio (if any)
  • Two reference letters by the work colleagues, coaches, professors, or any professional connection describing your professional expertise, accomplishments volunteered, work ethics, values, and character. A reference letter written by the family members or friends will not be considered valid. The letters should be submitted separately

The Applicants Also Require To Answer The Following Questions And Attach It With The Application:

  • Why do you deserve this scholarship?
  • Where do you see yourself after completion of your training in graphic design?
  • How can you define your dream career?

The Applicants Need To Follow The Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • Alliance has an authority to verify the necessary details of applicants like name, student ID number, institution, course of study to evaluate the identity of applicants.
  • Alliance has an individual Students Scholarship Review Committee, which will decide the recipients of the scholarship program.
  • The candidate can receive the scholarship at once, means previous recipients are not permitted to apply, but the pre-applicants are welcomed to re-apply.
  • The applicants need to permit Alliance for publishing their photo, name and award details on the website in case of getting selected for the scholarship program.
  • If any information provided by the applicant, found false, plagiarized or have copyright issue, then that particular applicant’s application will be rejected automatically.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency carry the right to rebuild the rules and regulations for the scholarship program, if required.however, the dollar amount of the award and the actual awarding to a recipient, will remain the same.


a. Can I use the scholarship fund to pay the expense of specific projects like exhibitions or thesis work?

No, the scholarship is provided to pay the tuition fees and living expenses, not for the other costs like project work.

b. If I don’t get qualified for the scholarship program, then what next?

If an applicant doesn’t qualify for the scholarship program, then he/she can reapply for the scholarship next year.

c. I have heard about your scholarship today, can I apply?

You can apply until the 15th of May of every year. However, the candidates who have applied after the end date of the program will not be eligible for the scholarship program.