Alliance Interior Design Scholarship Program For UK

About Alliance Recruitment Agency:

We are one of the specialist recruitment agencies that provide recruitment services for interior designing. We have many reputed companies as our clients who trusted us and get the best result for their needs. Our team of excellent recruiters also put all necessary efforts to meet their requirements and offer the best results to hire an interior designer as well as to hire an interior decorator.

The candidates also found us as a trustworthy recruitment agency to find the best career option for their future. At Alliance, we try to provide excellent outcomes to both the clients and the candidates. To motivate new talents, we also offer Interior Design Scholarship Program for the UK to help those students who are highly skilled but due to insufficient finance, unable to complete further study. Any undergraduate student can apply for this scholarship program but need to meet the eligibility criteria. The acceptability criteria are as mentioned below:

Following are the requirements for all applicants who want to apply for this scholarship program:

Eligibility Criteria For The Program:

Our Interior Design Scholarship is open for all students who are currently studying in a recognized university of U.K or have enrolled for the graduation degree.

Alliance Interior Design Scholarship Program For UK
Alliance Interior Design Scholarship Program For UK

The application for interior design scholarship should include –

  • Research paper about “Why I choose my career in interior designing,” consist of at least 500 words.
  • Write about the topic “Which aspect attracts you most in design and How will you apply that in a vintage design?” in 200 words.
  • Give a short description of how modern ideas inspire your design.
  • A layout for a hotel room 1/4” to 1’ 0” scale.
  • Diagram of a wardrobe, and sealing along with candle holder designed in a vintage-style.

How to submit the application?

The applicants need to send application on the e-mail account along with the documents mentioned above. The last date of submission is 15th May of every year. Every year the date of declaration remains the same, which is 31st May.

Apart from that, the candidate also need to send us other details like–

  • Applicant’s First Name and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number that the applicant used currently
  • Updated Resume
  • Story About Yourself
  • Two letters of reference written by the colleagues, coaches, or professors which contain details about your academic excellence like accomplishments, work ethics, values, and need for the scholarship.
  • In case of having a portfolio regarding interior designing, link it with the application

Here are other topics given on which you need to write down text:

  • Why do you deserve this scholarship?
  • Where do you find yourself after 5 years?

The Candidates Get Selected Depending On The Specified Criteria

Our Alliance Scholarship Review Committee will analyze your application considering the details provided by you like your essay, project, answers, and other information, and choose the one who is the best match the selection criteria.

Important Notes To Look At While Applying For The Scholarship Program:

Please submit your application only on the email id in case of sending on any other mail id, we will not consider it. If you have any queries concerning the scholarship program, please mail us on the mail id Don’t make a call or send a message on the numbers displayed on our website; otherwise, it will create a negative sense on your application. You can submit your request until the 15th May of every year. Late applications will not be approved.

Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • All applicants require to support Alliance Recruitment Agency for the verification of applicant’s information like name, student ID number, institution, course of study.
  • Our panel of experts from Alliance Students Scholarship Review Committee will decide the scholarship winners.
  • A person who is a previous recipient of the scholarship, can not re-apply for the award; however, previous applicants are allowed to re-register themselves.
  • Alliance will display the photo and other details of scholarship winners, so the recipients should not have any issue regarding it.
  • With a subject to provide false information, plagiarized or has copyright issues, we will disqualify the students
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency obtain the right to customize the rules and regulations for the scholarship program at any time, excluding the final amount of the award and the actual awarding to a recipient.


a. I am a previous recipient of the scholarship, can I reapply for the scholarship?

No, this is a one-time scholarship program, in which previous recipients of the scholarship are not allowed to re-register themselves.

b. How do I qualify for the scholarship program?

If you are an undergraduate student who has completed at least one term of college or university courses following graduation from high school and a citizen or legal resident of the UK, then you can apply for the scholarship.

c. From Where and When I know either I am selected for the scholarship program or not?

We will declare the name of winners on our website, on the day of 31st May. You can check the list of winners and get information about your selection or rejection.