Alliance Real Estate Scholarship Program For U.K.

Real estate is all about selling, purchasing, and renting of properties, either commercial or residential. As this field is a very competitive field, it requires to have an intelligent mind and convincing communication skills.

To improve such skills in the youngsters who have set their mind to make a career in real estate, Alliance has started a Real Estate Scholarship Program For U.K.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

The Alliance is working as one of the leading real estate recruitment agencies for many years. We have a virtual assistant for real estate, with the help of which, we can offer a quick and efficient solution to the companies, as per their desire. With our dedication and sincerity about the work, we have built a strong reputation for real estate executive search firm.

Before going to apply for the scholarship, please read the following requirements for this scholarship program:

Requirements to get eligible for the scholarship program:

Our alliance scholarship program is free for all undergraduate students who are currently studying in any recognized university of U.K. To get registered for the scholarship program; you need to match the following criteria.

Alliance Real Estate Scholarship Program For U.K.
Alliance Real Estate Scholarship Program For U.K.

Important States About Real Estate Scholarship Program

The participants need to submit an essay of about 1500 – 2000 words along with the application. To get information about the topic of the article, you will have to send mail on the email-id Depending on the essay and eligibility criteria, our panel of judges will decide the winners of the scholarship. The scholarship recipients will get a scholarship amount of USD1000 which they can use to pay their tuition fees and living.

Method of Application

To apply for the scholarship, candidates need to email the following details on

  • Name
  • College & Course of Study
  • Student ID Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Information
  • Latest Resume

The Applicants Need To Fulfill The Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • Alliance has a right to check the details of applicants like name, student ID number, institution, course of study, etc.
  • To choose the scholarship recipients, we have a panel of experts that specially designed for Alliance Students Scholarship program.
  • One can receive the scholarship at once, so the pre-recipients are not eligible for the scholarship program; only previous applicants are qualified to re-apply.
  • Recipients should let on the alliance to publish their photo and award details posted on the Alliance website.
  • In the case of entering false information, plagiarized, or has copyright issues, the alliance will disqualify the applicants.
  • Rules and regulations for the scholarship program can be changed at any time, eliminating the dollar amount of the award and the actual awarding to a recipient.


a. How much will I come to know about my selection for scholarship program ?

If you get selected for the scholarship, you will get a monetary reward of $1000. It will help you in paying the cost of living and tuition fees. You will also receive a scholarship certificate on the accomplishment of the course.

b. Can I receive a scholarship for the second time?

No, this is a one-time scholarship, in which the applicant can receive the award for one time, the pre-recipients are not permitted to apply for the scholarship program.

C.When will the application process get started and what is the last date of application?

Registration is now ongoing, and you can apply till 15th May of every year.