Alliance Visual Art Scholarship Program For UK

Visual art is the best way of communication, as it allows you to describe your thoughts in the form of audio, video, design, animation, and more. For business, visual art is a way to represent their ideas and products in an exciting and meaningful way. Most of the companies like to rely on visual art to make a unique identity of their brand as well as to spread brand awareness through logo design, graphic design, video, animation and more. So, the demand for the visual artist is increased and the youngsters who want to go with the trend and interested to do something creative and unique, Visual art is the best career option for them.

If you are interested in building a career in virtual art but have financial problems, then Alliance is the right place for you. We have started a Visual Art Scholarship Program For UK.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

The alliance is a universal recruitment agency that helps the companies in hiring the right talent as well as help candidates in finding the best place for their career. We are providing different types of recruitment services concerning the visual arts, but due to the increasing demand for logo designing, the hiring logo designer is difficult as compared to other recruitment services.

We at Alliance provide freedom to our clients to share their ideas and try to implement it in a way that can justify the term “I need a logo designed for my brand.” To design a logo as per client’s desire is not as simple as, it requires to have an experienced logo designer. So, we at Alliance try to provide the right talent for logo designing and to prepare such skills also try to encourage students to become a successful visual artist through our scholarship program.

If you are interested in applying or you have any contact in your reference who want to make a career in visual art, then share our Visual scholarship details with them. To apply for the scholarship, the applicant needs to match the following criteria.

Qualification criteria to get eligible for the scholarship program

Alliance Visual Art Scholarship is open for all the students who are currently studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a recognized UK academic institution and have an interest in the areas like music, drama, dance, film and fine art Industry. The candidate also needs to meet the following criteria:

Alliance Visual Art Scholarship Program For UK
Alliance Visual Art Scholarship Program For UK

Application Process for Visual Art Scholarship Program?

To get eligible for the scholarship program, the participant needs to provide one infographic on any two areas, from the list mentioned below:


  • Key Steps to Hire A Logo Designer
  • Technique To Hire a Graphic Designer
  • 10 Qualities To observe while hiring an E-commerce Designer
  • Points to focus on when Hire UI Designer
  • Process To Hire A Web Designer
  • How To Brochure Design For Recruitment Company

The design work you send should be in one of the following file formats –

  • A.Vector (ai, PDF and EPS)
  • JPEG
  • PNG

Just make sure that your designs are unique and have no copyright or plagiarism issues. Otherwise, your application will be rejected directly.

The choice of scholarship winners will be made on the base of the designs submitted by them. Our panel of experts will view and check the plans and depending on the creativity and quality of the work and will choose the best candidate.

Apart from the designs, you need to provide the below-mentioned details in your application.

  • First and Last Name
  • Link of your Graphic Design Portfolio
  • Email id
  • Contact information
  • Current resume
  • Your story
  • Two reference letters by your colleagues, coaches, or professors providing information about applicant’s achievements, ethics & values, character, and need for the scholarship

Also, answer to below-mentioned questions in your application –

  • Give a strong reason why you think you should win
  • What is your dream job?

The participants have to send all these details on before 15th May of every year. The results would be announced on our Alliance’s website on 31st May of every year.

Important Notes

Please don’t submit your application on any other email id and don’t make calls on the phone numbers mentioned on our website. If you have queries relating to this scholarship, please communicate through the email id In case of trying to communicate through any other email ids or phone numbers, the application can have a negative impact, The last date for applying would be 15th May of every year. Late applications will not be accepted.

The Applicants Need to Follow Below Terms and Condition Of The Scholarship Program:

  • All applicants need to give a permit to the Alliance Recruitment Agency to verify specific information such as name, student ID number, institution, course of study, and so on.
  • Our panel of experts from Alliance Students Scholarship Review Committee will decide the recipients of the scholarship.
  • Pre-applicants can re-apply for the scholarship program, but the candidates who have already received a scholarship in the past, can not apply for the scholarship.
  • The alliance will publish the photo and award details of a scholarship winner, so the applicant should not have an issue regarding it.
  • If it is found that the applicant has provided false information or the information that contain plagiarism or copyright issue, the applicant will get rejected by the Alliance automatically.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has an authority to make necessary changes in the rules and regulations for the scholarship program at any time with excepting the dollar amount of the award and before the actual awarding to a recipient.

FAQ About The Scholarship Program

a. Which type of scholarship is it?

It is a Visual Art Development Scholarship, in which we provide a monetary reward of $1000 to students/professionals who fulfill the eligibility criteria. The primary purpose of this scholarship is to encourage the students whose financial condition is not good and help them in achieving their dreams by providing money to pay for their cost of living and tuition fees, while they attend a college or university. Students will also receive a scholarship certificate on the accomplishment of the course in addition to the monetary reward.

b. Who is eligible for the scholarship program?

Any undergraduate student, who has completed relatively one term of college or university courses, after completing graduation from high school before the date of application. The applicant should have a permanent citizenship of the U.K to get eligible for the scholarship.

c. What is the date of registration and result?

Registration is open now and will accept application till 15th May of every year. Results will be declared on 31st May of every year to individuals who have won the scholarship.